I am currently a TRIPODS Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

I have recently received my PhD in Computer Science from Rutgers University under the supervision of Swastik Kopparty. Before Rutgers, I spent two years at Chennai Mathematical Institute.

I am broadly interested in Discrete Mathematics, Probability, Coding Theory, etc..

CV (sometimes out of date)

Email: adityap something uic something edu


Enumerating independent sets in Abelian Cayley graphs. (with Liana Yepremyan) [arXiv]

  • under submission

Approximately counting independent sets in bipartite graphs via graph containers. (with Will Perkins and Matthew Jenssen) [arXiv]

  • submitted

Independent sets of a given size and structure in the hypercube. (with Will Perkins and Matthew Jenssen) [arXiv]

  • submitted

On the list recoverability of randomly punctured codes. (with Ben Lund) [ECCC] [arXiv]

  • RANDOM 2020

On the AC0[+] complexity of Andreev's Problem. [ECCC] [arXiv]

  • FSTTCS 2019

A spectral bound on hypergraph discrepancy. [arXiv]

  • ICALP 2020, Best Student Paper award

Simplified inpproximability of hypergraph coloring via t-agreeing families. (with Per Austrin and Amey Bhangale) [ECCC] [arXiv]

  • manuscript

Improved efficiency for explicit covering codes matching the sphere-covering bound. (with Yihan Zhang). [arXiv]

  • ISIT 2020

Discrepancy in random hypergraph models. [arXiv]

  • manuscript

Improved Inapproximability of rainbow coloring. (with Per Austrin and Amey Bhangale) [arXiv]

  • SODA 2020

Syndrome decoding of Reed-Muller codes and tensor decomposition over finite fields. (with Swastik Kopparty) [arXiv]

  • SODA 2018

A short note on the joint entropy of n/2-wise independence. (with Amey Bhangale) [arXiv]

  • ISIT 2018

On the size of the image of a linear map on a finite grid. (with John Kim) [arXiv]

  • manuscript

On zeros of a polynomial in a finite grid. (with Anurag Bishnoi, Pete Clark, and John Schmitt) [arXiv]

  • Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing 2018