I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at York University.

I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago hosted by the TRIPODS Institute for Foundations of Data ScienceI received my PhD in Computer Science from Rutgers University under the supervision of Swastik Kopparty

I am broadly interested in Algorithms, Probability, Discrete Mathematics, and the Mathematical Foundations of Data Science.


Email: apotu something yorku something ca

Office: Lassonde 3052B

"Wizards seemed to think that names were the same as things, and that if you changed the name, you changed the thing. At least, it seemed to be something like that..." - Terry Pratchett


Unbalanced random matching markets with partial preferences (with Shikha Singh)

On the evolution of structure in triangle-free graphs (with Will Perkins and Matthew Jenssen)

Approximately counting independent sets in dense bipartite graphs via subspace enumeration (with Charlie Carlson, Ewan Davies, and Alexandra Kolla)

Blocking sets, minimal codes and trifferent codes. (with Anurag Bishnoi, Jozefien D'haeseleer, and Dion Gijswijt)

Algorithms for the ferromagnetic Potts model on expanders. (with Charlie Carlson, Ewan Davies, Nicolas Fraiman, Alexandra Kolla, and Corrine Yap)

On the geometry of stable Steiner tree instances. (with James Freitag, Neshat Mohammadi, and Lev Reyzin)

Enumerating independent sets in Abelian Cayley graphs. (with Liana Yepremyan)

Approximately counting independent sets in bipartite graphs via graph containers. (with Will Perkins and Matthew Jenssen)

Independent sets of a given size and structure in the hypercube. (with Will Perkins and Matthew Jenssen)

On the list recoverability of randomly punctured codes. (with Ben Lund)

On the AC0[+] complexity of Andreev's Problem. 

A spectral bound on hypergraph discrepancy.

Simplified inpproximability of hypergraph coloring via t-agreeing families. (with Per Austrin and Amey Bhangale)

Improved efficiency for explicit covering codes matching the sphere-covering bound. (with Yihan Zhang).

Discrepancy in random hypergraph models.

Improved Inapproximability of rainbow coloring. (with Per Austrin and Amey Bhangale)

Syndrome decoding of Reed-Muller codes and tensor decomposition over finite fields. (with Swastik Kopparty)

A short note on the joint entropy of n/2-wise independence. (with Amey Bhangale)

On the size of the image of a linear map on a finite grid. (with John Kim)

On zeros of a polynomial in a finite grid. (with Anurag Bishnoi, Pete Clark, and John Schmitt)